About BankOn

Bank statements processing is a time-consuming process when done manually. With the automatic BankOn statement processing application, you can now process statements automatically, reducing costs while improving both accuracy and speed of data extraction.

BankOn processes bank statements received in electronic format, whatever it may be (MT940, MT942, csv etc).

Rapid and accurate statement processing is an important element for the success of any company. As the costs of processing the bank statements decrease, the company that implements an automatic processing system of the bank statements can obtain financial benefits faster and can obtain a real and measurable ROI.

BankOn contains a smart recognition server capable of interpreting in real time the relevant information and fields from a bank statement and turning it into an easy-to-import structure in any application.

InvOn Improve bank statements processing accuracy

Incorrect data entry in an bank statements can be very costly; these inaccuracies can lead to double or erroneous receipts and extra hours spent in solving problems with partners. By automating the processing of statements, data entry errors can be eliminated.

Traditionally, processing bank statements has been a manual task, consuming material resources (paper, etc.) as well as human resources extensively. The bank statements are received by email or manually downloaded from the bank application, transmitted to the operator, generally printed, and then manually entered. This procedure is expensive, time consuming and prone to errors.

With BankOn for processing bank statements, the whole process can be streamlined. Bank statements can be managed automatically by extracting relevant information from files. A process that was previously managed by several employees can now be completed more effectively in a fraction of the time by a single employee.

Make the most accurate extraction of data from the extracts by using BankOn recognition algorithm and advanced parameterizable parsing technology.

The parameterization of the application for each type of bank statement is made by our specialists, thus giving you the possibility of using any type of extract quickly.The application will automatically detect missing or incorrect data extracts in critical fields.InvOn make the most accurate extraction of billing data using the InvOn recognition algorithm and advanced OCR technology. Implementing the recognition algorithm for each vendor can be done easily in approximately 15-20 seconds, allowing the application to be operational from day one.

The application will automatically detect invoices with missing or incorrect data in critical fields.

Extracting general invoice data

BankOn Easy to use

BankOn is specifically designed to be easy to use. The user will acquire all the knowledge he / she needs in less than an hour. A training for 3-4 users lasts at most two hours each user has the opportunity to use the application.

BankOn An application more   – Bank Statements Reconciliation

BankOn, is an application that can be adapted to any accounting program, being able to use any number of operators, very simple to use, being necessary to use 3 buttons.

It simply manages any number of bank statements, identifying the missing ones and updating them, thus obtaining an exact situation of the relationship with the partners. Even if, for different reasons, the operation of some banking transactions is omitted, the application warns you, thus eliminating the possibility of not receiving certain transactions.

The bank account reconciliation application allows the automation of each stage of the reconciliation process, taking the import of statements, identifying it in a structured format, validating the data and reconciling the accounting transactions, which can be according to VAT number, client, invoice or bank account.

The data processing speed is extremely high, having predefined templates for all models of bank statements, considerably easing the work of an accountant.

BankOn Easy to integrate

BankOn is designed to work in a multiuser environment, providing speed and processing capabilities for large volumes of invoices.

BankOn can integrate into the existing workflow. Data extracted from invoices can be integrated with your computer system.

BankOn offers native data export in various formats (CSV, Excel etc)

The connection to your management application can be customized for each implementation.

BankOn For small and large companies

BankOn is designed specifically for companies that need to process a large volume of invoices.

Users can process their invoices daily or whenever they need one day, with the highest accuracy, thus eliminating the risk of errors.

BankOn For the digital era

BankOn is designed specifically for companies that want to evolve.

Adopting advanced automation techniques in your business processes will lead to spectacular increases in work productivity, becoming an important player in your market.