About InvOn

Invoice processing is a process that can be tedious and time-consuming when done manually. With the InvOn automatic Invoice processing application, you can now automatically process invoices, reduce costs while improving both the accuracy and the speed of data extraction. InvOn processes invoices received on paper, as pdfs, transmitted through the portal or email, regardless of the number of pages, the number of invoice lines or their layout.

Fast and accurate invoice processing is an important element for the success of any business. As Invoice processing costs fall, the company that implements an automatic Invoice processing system can get faster financial benefits and get a real and measurable ROI.

InvOn contains an intelligent recognition server capable of rendering real-time information and fields in an invoice. Advanced processes for recognizing and processing invoice data and using the self-learning facility allow businesses to eliminate large processing time using simple processes by users. Simplicity of use and use of the standard Windows Office interface (Word, Excel, etc.) reduces the learning time to a few hours.

Users can begin to process invoices from the first day, thus starting to get the amortization of the first month’s investment.

InvOn Improve invoice processing accuracy

Inputting inaccurate data from an invoice can be very costly; these inaccuracies can result in overpayments and employee hours spent resolving issues with vendors. By automating the invoice processing, human keying errors can be eliminated.

InvOn make the most accurate extraction of billing data using the InvOn recognition algorithm and advanced OCR technology. Implementing the recognition algorithm for each vendor can be done easily in approximately 15-20 seconds, allowing the application to be operational from day one.

The application will automatically detect invoices with missing or incorrect data in critical fields.

Extracting general invoice data

Invoice: Series, Number, Date, Due date, etc

Vendor: Name, VAT Number, IBAN, Address, etc. Vendor data can be automatically retrieved

Customer: Name, VAT Number, IBAN, Address, etc. Customer data can be automatically retrieved
Extracting lines from invoices

It is possible to extract all the information from the invoice line: Product code, Description, Unit of measurement, Quantity, Unit Price, Value, VAT amount etc.

All lines are processes regardless of how many lines and how many pages the invoice has.

Each line is checked for correct data in critical fields.

Amount of invoice

Can extract:  Amount, VAT Amount, Total Amount, etc.

These data are taken regardless on which page of the invoice is.The accuracy of data for critical fields is verified.

The accuracy of the data

The accuracy of the data is automatically checked on each invoice line and the amount of invoice

If there is inconsistency, the invoice will be signaled to the user, and he may take corrective action. The invoice will not be sent to ERP or the accounting program until it is corrected.

OCR technology

With advanced OCR technology, based on the IRIS (Canon Group) solution with over 30 years of experience, you can achieve great performances, both in quality and speed.

Recognizes characters for 130+ languages

It imports documents in various formats, such as: PDF, JPEG, DOC, RTF, JPEG, PNG, PPT, etc.

InvOn Easy to use

InvOn is specifically designed to be easy to use. The user will acquire all the knowledge he / she needs in less than an hour. A training for 3-4 users lasts at most two hours each user has the opportunity to use the application.

Implementing the recognition algorithm for each vendor can be done easily, in about 15-20 seconds, by any user, allowing the application to be operational from day one.

InvOn An application more

Use machine learning to automatically populate credit/debit accounts for each invoice line.

In addition to recognizing the invoice, InvOn also recognizes credit/debit accounts, making it easier to process data from invoices.

InvOn Easy to integrate

InvOn is designed to work in a multiuser environment, providing speed and processing capabilities for large volumes of invoices.

InvOn can integrate into the existing workflow. Data extracted from invoices can be integrated with your computer system.

InvOn offers native data export in various formats (CSV, Excel etc)

The connection to your management application can be customized for each implementation.

InvOn For small and large companies

InvOn is designed specifically for companies that need to process a large volume of invoices.

Users can process their invoices daily or whenever they need one day, with the highest accuracy, thus eliminating the risk of errors.

InvOn For the digital era

InvOn is designed specifically for companies that want to evolve.

Adopting advanced automation techniques in your business processes will lead to spectacular increases in work productivity, becoming an important player in your market.