About InvOn

Powerfull, but easy to use

Extracting information from invoices is process that can be tedious and time-consuming when done manually. With the automatic invoice processing application InvOn, you can now automatically process invoices, reducing costs while improving both accuracy and speed of data extraction. InvOn processes invoices received on paper, such as pdfs, transmitted by portal or email, regardless of the number of pages, the information contained or their layout.

Fast and accurate invoice processing is an important element for the success of any business. As invoice processing costs decrease, the company that implements an automatic invoice processing system can reap financial benefits faster and achieve a real and measurable ROI. InvOn contains a intelligent recognition server capable of rendering in real time the relevant information and fields in a invoice.

Advanced processes for recognizing and processing invoices and the use of the latest technologies, allow companies to eliminate the time consuming processing, by using simple processes by the users. Simplicity of use and use of the standard Windows Office interface (Word, Excel, etc.) reduces the learning time to a few hours. Users can begin to process invoices from the first day, thus starting to get the return of the investment from the first month.

increase your productivity with automatic document processing

increase your productivity with automatic document processing

Improve invoice processing accuracy

Inputting inaccurate data from a invoice can be very costly; these inaccuracies can lead to subsequent problems with serious implications on internal processes and the relationship with partners. By automating invoice processing, data entry errors can be eliminated. Make the most accurate extraction of data from invoices using cutting-edge technologies developed by ReadySoft or third parties.

The accuracy of the data

The accuracy of the data is automatically checked by using the conditions specific to the invoice type. If there is a discrepancy, the invoice will be signaled to the user, and he may take corrective action.

 InvOn Easy to use 

InvOn is specifically designed to be easy to use. The user will acquire all the knowledge he / she needs in less than an hour. A training for 3-4 users lasts at most two hours each user has the opportunity to use the application. Implementing the recognition algorithm for each vendor can be done easily, in about 15-20 seconds, by any user, allowing the application to be operational from day one.