Who we are

Established in 1993, in its 25 years of activity, through perseverance and seriousness, the Producton group has become one of the leaders of the IT market with a turnover of over 30 million euros, over 130 employees and over 1500 corporate clients for which we are a reliable partner.

What we offer

We listen to you carefully to understand the needs of your company, the objectives and the budget and we offer a clear picture of all the variants of suitable solutions. We strive to harmonize the user experience with the business needs. The company proposes to the Romanian market a complex approach, specific to each segment and combines production, sales and services activities through several companies belonging to the Producton group (Producton, Servel, Certo Industrie, Ready Soft, Itrax Solutions, etc.) at national level. Our offer is built with the leaders of the IT industry with whom we developed partnerships.

Our approach

We evaluate business objectives, technologies and processes. We identify investment opportunities for performance enhancement and budget savings.
The specialized consultants will work with your IT team to recommend the relevant technologies and services, to document the technical architecture and to prepare the implementation plans, performance indicators, budgets and timeline.
We offer support for the purchase of products and services, configuration, large-scale implementation, integration and training.
We provide support for monitoring systems to ensure that they work at the set performance level and we provide support when and how it is needed.
Applications and equipment optimized for your work needs can significantly reduce your costs.The optimization stage may include periodic re-evaluations, after which our specialists propose stream optimizations, document management and custom optimizations.


Here are some of the companies that collaborate with us, on their way to Digital Transformation. All our robots have been implemented in close collaboration with our clients, so as to automate as much of their processes as possible. The growing number of new customers using our robots ensures that our solution is helpful where it is implemented.