Automatic Document Processing Flow

DocOn document processing software is helpful in tracking the documents of yours partners, from the receiving, automating the scanning, interpretation and archiving of the document data. No matter how many documents enter your organization - on paper or in any electronic format - DocOn intelligently extracts important information and validates it according to a set of predefined rules.

Capture documents
The document automation process starts with character recognition technology (OCR). Paper invoices are scanned and digitized, and electronic invoices (PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.) are ready for interpretation immediately. The capture solution reads and interprets all types of documents, regardless of layout or number of pages.

Automatic validation and correction
After capturing the document data, the validation process begins. During the validation, the document information captured is checked for correctness, according with document rules.

Incorrect data goes through an automatic correction process, resulting in improved data accuracy.

Manual correction
The data with errors, after the automatic correction process, signaled to the user for manual correction. It can perform the simple and easy correction operations in the program interface. Once the data has been corrected, they are ready to be sent to the ERP, DMS, ECM or the accounting program.

Data entry in ERP, DMS, ECM, etc
After validation and correction, automatic or manual, the data is transmitted automatically to the ERP or to the accounting program through specific interfaces.