How InvOn Works


InvOn uses a simple and friendly workflow. It contains 3 extremely simple and easy steps for any user, regardless of their qualification.

You can also see a demo in the movie attached.

Step 1: Invoices

We put all the invoices we want to process in a folder. We bring them from the cloud, from email or if they are on paper we scan them directly in this folder.

Step 2: Start processing

Select the OpenAllInvoices button and select the folder with the invoices.

Invoices are processed automatically and the results are displayed (For some invoices it is necessary to create a template. This is done simply with Drag & Drop. The template is made only once for each supplier. See also the accompanying film.)

We introduce any corrections, if necessary.

Step 3: Export the data

Select the SendToERP button to export the processed invoices to the ERP or accounting program.