BlueMachine AI based appropriate data adding

BlueMachine is a unique technology, based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, developed by ReadySoft, which can add certain information contained in a list to a set of data extracted from a document (or existing in any other way), using a set of specific algorithms.

This information is added based on specific criteria, but these criteria are not defined initially but are defined by BlueMachine during its use.

Blue Machine is an AI machine that learns from the operator or from history, later taking over the operator's tasks, adding the required fields to each line of information.

BlueMachine learns from each operator intervention, notifies the operator when it changes its behavior, but appropriates the new behavior at the operator's indication.

Thus BlueMachine can be used in workflows with two levels of competence, level 1 and level 2, and if the information entered by level 1 is corrected by level 2, at the next erroneous introduction by level 1, BlueMachine will signal the operator, thus eliminating the possibility of a new make mistakes. BlueMachine will also teach the level 1 operator to correctly enter the data according to the level 2 operator's recommendations.

Thus accurate data are obtained, with degrees of error much lower than in the case of the human operator.

An eloquent example in this case is the addition of accounts from accounts chart to the invoice lines. Based on the name of the product / service found on the invoice and based on previous experience, BlueMachine adds the correct account, even if the name of the product / service does not coincide with the names previously mentioned.

Other examples:

  • entering the ERP of the product code even if it does not appear on the customer order
  • entering the ERP of the product code even if it does not appear on the supplier's invoice