SmartCorrect - Automatic error correction

Generally, these errors occur as a result of the OCR process, but they can still occur even when creating the document.

The identification of errors is made both on the basis of specific characteristics of the document and/or on the basis of general rules.

These can be defined both within the SmartCorrect module and/or by the operator at runtime. In case of an error this will be signaled intuitively to the user.

Error correction is performed within the SmartCorrect module based on the characteristics of the document.

Document-specific formulas such as:

  • formulas within the document line
  • total document formulas

The most common example is that of invoices where the signaling / correction of errors is made both on line and on the total document.

Another example is multi-line documents. The operator may require the line number to be read, and if it does not correspond to the current number, an error will be signaled.